Powerful Way to Increase Android Phone Performance

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone to carry out daily activities. Various interesting applications so the choice of mobile users in doing the routine. However, the application actually makes the cell phone memory full to slow down cell phone performance.

Too many applications running is indeed one of the causes of slowing the performance of mobile phones, especially Android. If this continues, it is likely that cell phones will have a shorter lifespan. Here are some tips that we have summarized from wikiahow.com as a solution.

1. Uninstall applications that are not too important

The use of too many applications is one of the causes of your cell phone’s slowness. More and more applications that you install actually make your internal memory and RAM full without realizing it. Select the application that is important to use, then uninstall all applications that are not needed.

2. Disable Bloatware

Bloatware or factory default applications can sometimes not be removed. But we can disable it to prevent the use of RAM behind the scenes. The way is to enter the phone settings and enter the application section and select the application that you want to deactivate.

3. Delete Widgets That Are Not Used

Too many widgets also make your phone slow down. To overcome this, you only need to use wallpaper, then you can choose a wallpaper with colors that tend to be dark. This is rumored to be able to help the performance of cellphones become faster.

4. Turn off the Data Connection when Not in Use

The true data connection consumes faster battery power, and even slows down phone performance. To overcome this, simply turn off the data connection on the cell phone when it is not really needed.

5. Don’t Use Animation

The use of animation on cell phones does spoil the eyes, but it consumes enough RAM. Animation can be disabled via the screen settings.

6. Install the Third-Party Booster Application

Many myths say the use of third-party booster applications actually slow down the performance of mobile phones, but not all of them are like that. Google Play Store provides several choices of booster applications such as Clean Master which has various features to help optimize your phone’s performance. In addition, there are a variety of applications with a variety of different speed-up features such as DU Speed Booster, CCleaner and others. In fact, some mobile phones have brought the application with the manufacturer.

7. Turn off or reduce the auto-sync feature

Some Android users enter many different accounts to synchronize on several applications. But unconsciously, this feature consumes enough RAM and the battery is no exception. To stop it, just enter the phone’s settings and look for the Auto-Sync option (usually under the account options). But not all applications that have an auto-sync feature can be turned off via cellphone settings. One of them is Facebook, which must be turned off through the settings in the application.

8. Reset Factory Settings

This method is the “ultimate weapon” for mobile phones that experience lag that can make users furious. Through a factory reset, your cellphone will return to factory default settings. However, this does not mean to make the condition of the cell phone really improve again as it was when you first bought the cellphone, it just becomes “good enough” to use.

How to Monitor the Location of Friends on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a pretty important feature, Live Location. Many are curious, how to use features that can be used as a monitoring location.

Before discussing further, please note that the function of Live Location is to allow WhatsApp users to share their location in real-time with friends or family on their WhatsApp contacts.

All users can use it. WhatsApp has released the availability of this feature for all users on Android and iOS.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Open one of the chats on WhatsApp (can be groups or individuals) that you want to share Live Location.
  2. Tap the attachment file in the form of a paper clip located in the right corner of the column to type a message.
  3. The attachment option that will be shared will appear, select ‘Location’.
  4. On WhatsApp, which has this feature available, ‘Share Live Location’ will appear in the existing ‘Send Location’ function.
  5. We can set how long we will share the location in real-time. There are choices for example 15 minutes, one hour, or maybe a day.
  6. You can also stop sharing Live Locations at any time by pressing the ‘Stop Sharing’ button.
  7. Interestingly, several people from the same WhatsApp chat group can share their respective locations and display on one map. So, we can know exactly how far we are from each other.

Real-time location sharing function is not something new. A number of services already have it first. Call it Google that has Latitude, but has been turned off in 2013. Telegram some time ago also launched a similar feature.

With more than 1 billion active WhatsApp users, this feature is quite widely used among WhatsApp users.

Tips on Using Smartwatch for Children

Smartwatches for children are currently becoming a trend, especially among elementary school students in big cities. It seems that parents have begun to understand this need.

But it should be noted, parents should not follow the trend. It’s best if you also know the features of smartwatches and their usefulness so that they are maximized when used by your child, niece or sister.

Two-way Communication

Most smartwatches can now be used to make calls and make video calls. Like a smartphone, Watch Phone requires a sim card for its operation.

In it, there is an automatic blocking feature for numbers or unknown calls. As a ‘Watch’ Watch Phone used by children, parents can also get notifications via an application on their smartphone.

Thus, parents do not need to worry about children receiving calls from strangers, because only numbers that have been registered and confirmed by the admin can be connected to the Watch Phone.

The wide-angle camera on this device is also claimed to be able to capture images with wider and better quality, which is useful when making video calls.

Detect Children’s Location

Not only for communication, but the smartwatch is also made to help parents supervise their children. One feature that makes parents interested in buying a Watch Phone is because there is a GPS.

The existence of GPS functions as a tracker of the child’s location in real-time, so parents can know where the child’s position is at the time.

When parents want to know the whereabouts of a child, only need to open the application on a smartphone connected to the Watch Phone and track their position.

Not only the position but from here also can be known whether the child is in a stationary position, walking and even running through the detection of acceleration sensors on the Watch Phone.

Class Mode

So that children focus when learning activities, take advantage of ‘class mode’ settings through the watch phone application. By activating this mode, during school hours, the Watch Phone will only show time and make emergency calls to the Watch Phone admin.

In addition, the GPS feature will also not go off, so parents can still monitor the child’s position as long as the Watch Phone is in ‘class mode’.

Friendship Watch Phone

Watch Phone is equipped with features of fellow users. By utilizing this feature, your baby’s communication with friends who also use the Watch Phone can be smoother without having to go through a smartphone.

Parents can also know who is contacting and being contacted by the child through the Watch Phone because it is connected to the surveillance in the smartphone application owned by the admin Watch Phone.

Of all the tips on utilizing the above features, no less important is, before leaving for school, parents must ensure that your child installs the Watch Phone properly, all the necessary settings are set, and the battery must be in a fully charged condition so that it truly functions so well that your little one returns home.

May be useful!

Fun Tips to Create Content on IGTV

Instagram released a new application called IGTV. This is a platform intended for watching a long-format vertical video that can be run on Android and iOS devices.

If you are interested in creating content on IGTV. Here are fun tips to make interesting videos on IGTV:

1. Maximize the potential of cameras and cellphones

Before recording a video, you can start by adjusting a number of settings that will assist in obtaining quality vertical videos such as:

  • Enable grid display in guiding framing and adjusting the subject layout.
  • Adjust focus or exposure when recording video.
  • For iPhone users, activate silent mode on your cellphone so that the video recorded will not be interrupted by the notification sound from your cellphone’s voice.

2. Record video with the best lighting

When recording video with high-speed frames, the more light you need.

3. Keep recording videos in 4K format.

Although you don’t plan to share videos in 4K format, recording videos in this format is recommended to make it easier for you to edit videos later.

4. Make sure the sound is recorded properly.

In recording video, the sound is one of the important things. If you are trying to record sound from a remote source, try to use a remote microphone and make sure your video is free from the sound of the wind when outdoors.

5. Edit your video!

Some applications like Videoleap, InShot, or Carve can help you edit your videos more easily via mobile.

6. Use supporting accessories to help Attractive Videos

For example, using lenses such as Macro, Fisheye, Wide, Tele; then use stabilization for better quality when recording moving objects or when you are actively vlogging.


How to Make Your Computer Fast Again

The use of computers for long periods of time tends to slow performance. Not only when used, but it can also even be felt when starting the computer.

I was so slow, some of the worst cases were even able to provide time for you to make coffee drinks first before finally sitting back sweetly at the computer.

So what exactly causes slow computer performance? In a number of cases generally, the slow performance is not caused by hardware, but rather a system and software problem.

There are four factors that make a computer’s performance including programs, outdated drivers, data on a cluttered hard disk, and overheating or overheating.

The program, when likened to a computer, is like a passenger in a vehicle. The more passengers who add weight to the car will make the car slower when walking let alone climbing. Well, programs like Office, iTunes, or Adobe Reader are analogous to those of a passenger car.

The second factor concerns drivers. Drivers are files that configure hardware components on a computer such as graphics cards. If the driver is outdated or not even installed, you might lose half of the normal speed.

Then the data on the hard disk is a mess or known as a cluttered disk. Your hard drive may be full or have data that does not occupy adjacent spaces on the hard disk. This problem is often called fragmentation.

The last cause of slow computer performance is overheating. Usually, this happens because your computer or laptop has a lot of dust or is located in a hot place even in direct sunlight, so the potential to cause overheating so that damage can occur.

After knowing the factors causing sluggish performance, it is not a problem if it is not discussed how to overcome them. There are at least four tips to overcome slow performance.

Getting Rid of Programs That Make You Slow

The first tip is to avoid programs that make it slow. You must be observant to see what programs are making the performance so slow and must get rid of it immediately. To do that, right-click on the Windows 7 or 10 taskbar and click Task Manager. Click Startup and note the list of available applications.

This list includes various programs that run automatically when you turn on your computer. Here, you should be able to sort out what programs are needed to be active all the time or run automatically. In fact, it’s good if the program is not used for a long time, just uninstall it.

Update Outdated Drivers

The second way is to update outdated drivers. Drivers that have the most impact on performance are graphics cards and chipsets.

The graphics card is a hardware component that produces the display that you see on a computer screen and the chipset contributes to the communication between memory, hard drive, and processor. Generally, you can find the chipset driver on the manufacturer’s website or get it directly when buying.

Before you download the driver, make sure you check what hardware you have through the Device Manager. The trick, right-click on Start and select Device Manager. Next, open the graphics card via the Display Adapters menu.

Defrag and Clean the Computer

The third tip is to defrag and clean the computer. Processes such as installing, uninstalling, copying, and moving large amounts of data can make cluttered data collections. The more data is scattered or fragmented, the longer the computer searches for and reads clusters where the process of opening files or folders will feel longer over time.

Well, to fix this problem, you must defragment the hard drive. Click Start, type defrag and click on the search results to run the program that defragments all clusters.

The last step you can take is to clean the computer. This method can be done by unpacking and cleaning the dust that has accumulated inside. This is done so that air circulation can run smoothly.


WhatsApp Safety Tips

So far WhatsApp is a quite secure order application. Even so some of the following security tips you should know.

Check Conversion Encryption

By default, all WhatsApp conversations are encrypted end-to-end. But when sharing sensitive information such as credit card details or bank account details, you should double-check encryption.

To ensure that the chat is fully encrypted;

  1. Open a chat window with your contacts
  2. Tap the contact’s name
  3. Tap on Encryption
  4. You will see a different set of numbers together with the QR Code.
  5. We can ask contacts to scan the QR Code. Or you can scan a contact’s QR code.

Turn on Security Notifications

Every time you start a new chat you will be given a security code for both devices. By default, the security notification is turned off but you can activate it so WhatsApp will notify you every time the security code changes.

To enable security notifications;

  1. Open WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Security> Show security notification
  2. Change the slider to active

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

WhatsApp also has a Two-Factor Authentication feature which is also a useful step to secure your account.

After you enable Two-Factor Authentication, a verification code will be needed when you will try to set up WhatsApp on a new device.

To enable Two-Factor Authentication for your number;

  1. Open WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Two-Factor Authentication> Activate
  2. Enter the 6 digit passcode sent by WhatsApp
  3. Enter your recovery email if you forget the passcode

Use the Official WhatsApp Application for PC

If you want to use WhatsApp on PC Desktop, it is strongly recommended to use the official application instead of WhatsApp Web.

According to security companies, WhatsApp Web is considered to have a security threat. Therefore it is recommended that users use the Desktop version application and not WhatsApp Web.

Always Log Out from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a platform that allows you to use services on a PC without external applications or anything. If you are a regular WhatsApp Web user then after you use it it is recommended to log out so that no one can access private conversations.

So whether it’s a home PC or a public PC, after using it, you have to log out of WhatsApp Web so that private conversations are safe.