8 Tips on Saving Smartphone Battery When Power Off

One of the most common complaints is smartphone batteries are running low. Even though you already have a power bank to charge it in an emergency, you should still be able to save smartphone batteries.

In order not to run out of battery quickly when there is a power failure, consider the following eight tips to save battery on your smartphone as summarized from various sources.

1. Use Power Saving Mode

The easiest way to save battery on your smartphone is to activate the Power Saving mode. This mode can limit the performance of the processor and reduce the brightness level of the screen on the smartphone so that the remaining power in the battery is focused on important functions only.

How to access it on each smartphone may be different, but in general, you can activate this mode by going to the Settings application then Battery, or Settings then Device maintenance then Battery.

2. Activate Airplane Mode

Power outages that hit a number of areas in Jakarta and its surroundings also impacted on cellular and data connections. To keep your battery saving, try activating Airplane Mode or turning off the data connection so that your smartphone doesn’t keep trying to find the network and drain the battery.

Don’t forget to also turn off other unneeded connectivity features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

3. Turn off Vibration

To make your smartphone vibrate when you get a notification it turns out it requires a lot of battery power. This is because your device has to drive a special motor to make the smartphone vibrate. So it is advisable to turn off vibration if you want to save battery.

4. Limit Applications in the Background

The smartphone application remains active in the background even though you have removed it. For that, you can restrict certain applications from running in the background by entering the Settings application, then Apps, selecting the application you want to restrict, then selecting Battery and selecting the Restrict in the Background option.

If you want to be more practical, you can download the Greenify application. This application functions to ‘put your sleep’ to your application so that it doesn’t eat battery.

5. Reduce the Time to Lock the Screen

The screen is the smartphone that uses the most power. For that the faster your screen is locked and does not turn on, your battery will become more durable. Set your screen lock time to be as short as possible, for example, 15 seconds.

6. Use Dark Wallpaper

If your smartphone uses an AMOLED screen, using a dark or black colored wallpaper can make your smartphone more durable. Because AMOLED screens require the least amount of power to be activated.

If you use a Samsung smartphone with One UI, you can even activate Night mode which makes all systems on the smartphone black.

7. Turn off Notifications and Auto-Sync

The automatic synchronization feature can drain your battery and data. To disable the auto-sync feature you can enter the Settings menu then Accounts. After that, click toggle Auto-sync data until it turns gray and inactive.

In addition, if you want to be more extreme, activate the Do Not Disturb mode to stop notifications coming into your smartphone.

8. Use the Lite Version Application

If you still want to use certain applications to get rid of boredom during a power failure, try using the Lite version of the application, which requires less battery and data. There are now many applications that are lighter, just say Twitter Lite, YouTube Go, Facebook Lite, and many more.