How to Make a Blog for Free and Can Make Money

Want to have your own blog for free and can make money? Here’s how to make it.

The first thing to do in creating a blog is to open a free blog platform that you can use, such as WordPress, Google’s Blogger, and so on.

Then, organize the blog so that it has many visitors, even has a loyal reader. From that, they can make money. Curious how?

Well, here is how to create a free blog, and make money summarized from various sources:

1. How to Create a Blog on Google

Creating a blog on Google is quite easy, as long as you already have a Google account. The trick is:

  • Login to
  • Select Create Your Blog
  • Enter your Google account
  • Then, enter the blog name, blog address, or URL and select a template.
  • Then click Create blog.

Then you can start creating content in the blog. You can manage anyone who can edit and read your blog. You can also change the appearance of the blog as you wish.

2. How to Create a Blog on WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress is also quite easy. The trick is:

Actually, at this stage, your blog has already been created. Just follow the steps to fill the blog view only.

By entering your Blog Header, and blog address, or URL.

After that, you can start creating content in the blog.

3. Contents

Write useful, interesting content that is easy to find and useful to others. In principle, interesting blog content is a blog that inspires, entertains, solves problems, and is able to change lifestyles that are better for the reader.

The thing you should avoid is copying content from other people, or spreading false information. Therefore, you need to do research or gather material that you can use as a writing theme or review a blog article.

4. Look for Target Readers

If you want to make money from a blog that you have, start thinking about the target audience for your blog. You can do a little research by establishing communication, and asking readers, where they come from and where they gather. So that your blog matches the target audience.

5. Build Closeness with Readers

Respond to every comment on your blog upload, so they feel more valued. Do anything to make readers come back to your blog. This is in order to maintain your blog’s traffic so that your blog visitor statistics will also increase.

For example, by giving quizzes or attractive prizes. If necessary, ask the reader to spread the content that you write so that your blog is increasingly known by netizens.

6. Ways to Make Money

After completing building the blog, both in content and the next reader, you must know where the source of income from the blog.

a. Ad Revenue

Generally, one of the income that comes from blogs is from the ads that you put. The principle is the same as other media, such as newspapers or magazines that sell advertising columns.

The higher the blog traffic you have, the more expensive the ad space on your blog. One of the tips you need to run is to install Google AdSense to increase your blog traffic.

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b. Revenue from Affiliates

Affiliates referred to in the world of blogging are, making the content that you write to direct readers, to buy, use, or view products sold on other sites.

Usually, there will be a commission according to the agreement between the two parties. If you have a loyal reader, chances are your blog readers will follow the recommendations that you have made are very large.

c. Recurring Income

What is meant by recurring income is by applying for program membership. That means for certain members, they can access premium content that is not obtained by regular or unpaid members.

d. Service or service

Blogs that you have can also be used to offer services or services that you have. For example consulting services, training, writing, design, to other services that are freelance.

It’s easier you won’t get a discount if the client directly contacts you. It’s different if you become a freelancer using a third party.

e. Selling Products

Products that are generally sold by bloggers are books and items that are not too far from blogging. Book products are true quite time consuming because they must be carefully thought out.

But the benefits if you market yourself through your personal blog, books sold will not be subject to the margin. It’s not like you sell books through a consignment system at a bookstore.

f. Hold an Event

For those who already have loyal readers, can invite readers to your event and application rates. And this is where you can get income.

For those who have never created their own event, you can start with a meeting between bloggers and readers on a small scale beforehand. In addition to getting income from ticket rates, you can also look for sponsors of events that you create.

That’s the way to make a free blog so that you make money. So, start creating a blog from now on, use your hobby to make money.