Fun Tips to Create Content on IGTV

Instagram released a new application called IGTV. This is a platform intended for watching a long-format vertical video that can be run on Android and iOS devices.

If you are interested in creating content on IGTV. Here are fun tips to make interesting videos on IGTV:

1. Maximize the potential of cameras and cellphones

Before recording a video, you can start by adjusting a number of settings that will assist in obtaining quality vertical videos such as:

  • Enable grid display in guiding framing and adjusting the subject layout.
  • Adjust focus or exposure when recording video.
  • For iPhone users, activate silent mode on your cellphone so that the video recorded will not be interrupted by the notification sound from your cellphone’s voice.

2. Record video with the best lighting

When recording video with high-speed frames, the more light you need.

3. Keep recording videos in 4K format.

Although you don’t plan to share videos in 4K format, recording videos in this format is recommended to make it easier for you to edit videos later.

4. Make sure the sound is recorded properly.

In recording video, the sound is one of the important things. If you are trying to record sound from a remote source, try to use a remote microphone and make sure your video is free from the sound of the wind when outdoors.

5. Edit your video!

Some applications like Videoleap, InShot, or Carve can help you edit your videos more easily via mobile.

6. Use supporting accessories to help Attractive Videos

For example, using lenses such as Macro, Fisheye, Wide, Tele; then use stabilization for better quality when recording moving objects or when you are actively vlogging.