Powerful Way to Increase Android Phone Performance

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone to carry out daily activities. Various interesting applications so the choice of mobile users in doing the routine. However, the application actually makes the cell phone memory full to slow down cell phone performance.

Too many applications running is indeed one of the causes of slowing the performance of mobile phones, especially Android. If this continues, it is likely that cell phones will have a shorter lifespan. Here are some tips that we have summarized from wikiahow.com as a solution.

1. Uninstall applications that are not too important

The use of too many applications is one of the causes of your cell phone’s slowness. More and more applications that you install actually make your internal memory and RAM full without realizing it. Select the application that is important to use, then uninstall all applications that are not needed.

2. Disable Bloatware

Bloatware or factory default applications can sometimes not be removed. But we can disable it to prevent the use of RAM behind the scenes. The way is to enter the phone settings and enter the application section and select the application that you want to deactivate.

3. Delete Widgets That Are Not Used

Too many widgets also make your phone slow down. To overcome this, you only need to use wallpaper, then you can choose a wallpaper with colors that tend to be dark. This is rumored to be able to help the performance of cellphones become faster.

4. Turn off the Data Connection when Not in Use

The true data connection consumes faster battery power, and even slows down phone performance. To overcome this, simply turn off the data connection on the cell phone when it is not really needed.

5. Don’t Use Animation

The use of animation on cell phones does spoil the eyes, but it consumes enough RAM. Animation can be disabled via the screen settings.

6. Install the Third-Party Booster Application

Many myths say the use of third-party booster applications actually slow down the performance of mobile phones, but not all of them are like that. Google Play Store provides several choices of booster applications such as Clean Master which has various features to help optimize your phone’s performance. In addition, there are a variety of applications with a variety of different speed-up features such as DU Speed Booster, CCleaner and others. In fact, some mobile phones have brought the application with the manufacturer.

7. Turn off or reduce the auto-sync feature

Some Android users enter many different accounts to synchronize on several applications. But unconsciously, this feature consumes enough RAM and the battery is no exception. To stop it, just enter the phone’s settings and look for the Auto-Sync option (usually under the account options). But not all applications that have an auto-sync feature can be turned off via cellphone settings. One of them is Facebook, which must be turned off through the settings in the application.

8. Reset Factory Settings

This method is the “ultimate weapon” for mobile phones that experience lag that can make users furious. Through a factory reset, your cellphone will return to factory default settings. However, this does not mean to make the condition of the cell phone really improve again as it was when you first bought the cellphone, it just becomes “good enough” to use.