Tips on Using Smartwatch for Children

Smartwatches for children are currently becoming a trend, especially among elementary school students in big cities. It seems that parents have begun to understand this need.

But it should be noted, parents should not follow the trend. It’s best if you also know the features of smartwatches and their usefulness so that they are maximized when used by your child, niece or sister.

Two-way Communication

Most smartwatches can now be used to make calls and make video calls. Like a smartphone, Watch Phone requires a sim card for its operation.

In it, there is an automatic blocking feature for numbers or unknown calls. As a ‘Watch’ Watch Phone used by children, parents can also get notifications via an application on their smartphone.

Thus, parents do not need to worry about children receiving calls from strangers, because only numbers that have been registered and confirmed by the admin can be connected to the Watch Phone.

The wide-angle camera on this device is also claimed to be able to capture images with wider and better quality, which is useful when making video calls.

Detect Children’s Location

Not only for communication, but the smartwatch is also made to help parents supervise their children. One feature that makes parents interested in buying a Watch Phone is because there is a GPS.

The existence of GPS functions as a tracker of the child’s location in real-time, so parents can know where the child’s position is at the time.

When parents want to know the whereabouts of a child, only need to open the application on a smartphone connected to the Watch Phone and track their position.

Not only the position but from here also can be known whether the child is in a stationary position, walking and even running through the detection of acceleration sensors on the Watch Phone.

Class Mode

So that children focus when learning activities, take advantage of ‘class mode’ settings through the watch phone application. By activating this mode, during school hours, the Watch Phone will only show time and make emergency calls to the Watch Phone admin.

In addition, the GPS feature will also not go off, so parents can still monitor the child’s position as long as the Watch Phone is in ‘class mode’.

Friendship Watch Phone

Watch Phone is equipped with features of fellow users. By utilizing this feature, your baby’s communication with friends who also use the Watch Phone can be smoother without having to go through a smartphone.

Parents can also know who is contacting and being contacted by the child through the Watch Phone because it is connected to the surveillance in the smartphone application owned by the admin Watch Phone.

Of all the tips on utilizing the above features, no less important is, before leaving for school, parents must ensure that your child installs the Watch Phone properly, all the necessary settings are set, and the battery must be in a fully charged condition so that it truly functions so well that your little one returns home.

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